The CAMBA Trail Steward Program

The trail steward program is an opportunity for interested individuals, families or groups to get involved with keeping the trails we all love in the best possible shape.  Trail maintenance is a labor of love; it is fulfilling and satisfying.

Trail stewards visit their adopted trail section regularly looking for problems and opportunities for improvement, fixing what they can, and forwarding larger challenges to the CAMBA executive director or trail committee.

CAMBA needs your involvement to make it all work.  We invite you to consider adopting a section of trail and making a difference. Most trail sections are between 5 and 10 miles in length and are spread across the CAMBA single track system.  Choose one that fits your schedule and trail preferences. CAMBA will provide training and tools.

Don’t delay.  Trail sections are being adopted now.

What are the duties of a Trail Steward?

  • Ride, run or walk your trail section at least once every two weeks, and particularly after major storms.
  • Clear any branches or small trees that have fallen across or grown into the trail if you can do it safely.
  • Report any downed trees or limbs blocking the trail that are too large or dangerous for you to remove.
  • Check to see that trail signs and maps are in place and in good condition. Report any signing needs including unclear or ambiguous directions or new signs that may be required.
  • Report if the trail is in need of brushing. If you are comfortable doing the work, check out some CAMBA tools and cut to your heart’s content.
  • Be part of the elite army ready to help with emergency needs (clearing storm damage, etc. on other CAMBA trails.
  • Fall and spring leaf blowing.
  • There are lots of additional trail maintenance tasks trail stewards are welcome to tackle if they choose, including trail drainage work and tread repair.

What are the benefits of being a Trail Steward?

Equipment provided

  • All the trail maps you could ever need
  • Folding saw that you can carry in your pack
  • Use of CAMBA hand tools and power tools (when properly certified), so that you do not have to use your own.
  • Trail Steward T-shirt
  • Invitation to training exclusively available to CAMBA Trail Stewards

Training opportunities

  • Learn trail design and building basics – why we do it the way we do
  • Handsaw safety and proper cutting and pruning techniques
  • Leaf blowing goals and methods
  • Basic First Aid kit (paid for by CAMBA)
  • First Aid Training (facilitated by CAMBA)
  • Chainsaw training (facilitated by CAMBA) – Trail Stewards are not expected to be chainsaw operators. However, if you have the experience and are comfortable operating a saw, you may be called upon to assist with larger projects. CAMBA highly recommends that all sawyers receive safety training and certification from the U.S. Forest Service.  This is very valuable training, and is, in fact, required if you are to operate a chainsaw on the National Forest.  It is not required, but highly recommended on county forests as well. In all instances of chainsaw use, full personal protective equipment is required, including chaps, eye and hearing protection, helmet, gloves and appropriate clothing including long sleeve shirt, long pants and work or hiking boots.

Contact us at with interest for trail work volunteer opportunities.