CAMBA Trails Clusters

CAMBA Trails are expansive. The best way to get to know our trails is to meet them one Cluster at a time. We have five clusters to keep you riding all summer long!

Ashwabay Cluster – Ashwabay terrain is nothing like our other trail clusters and the trails are in a class of their own as well – elevation with views of Lake Superior and twisty character make this a must see cluster. The communities that make up the Ashwabay area are unique and worth a visit.

Cable Cluster – Cable trails are a haven for old school, technical trails with a splash of gravity and flow as you ride into the Trek Trails Powered by OTM at Mt. Telemark Village.

Namakagon Cluster – This cluster is a vast wilderness ready to explore. Be prepared for back country riding with spectacular peace and scenery.

Seeley Cluster – Seeley has some of our most loved trails, perfect for anyone to ride. Amenities at the OO Trailhead make it a perfect location for groups and families to stage their rides from.

Hayward Cluster – We think the Hospital Trail is the best beginner trail anywhere! And once you ride it you will see why. Not only is it perfect for a warm up ride coming into town for the weekend, and perfect for that new dirt rider, but the flow of the trails make it a fun ride for any level rider!

Single-Track Trails in the Spring

During the freeze/thaw cycle of our typical Spring, trails are particularly vulerable to damage from riding or hiking. Please refrain for accessing the trail util they are open. CAMBA works with landowners to determine when trails are ready to ride. Please read our trail conditions page for ongoing information on trails. And remember, Spring is a great time to ride our gravel forest roads and fire lanes.

Hatchery Bike Park

Built in 2016, the Hatchery Creek Bike Park is a popular offering among CAMBA’s many trails and riding experiences.  Located at Hatchery Creek Park near Hayward, the park is just a couple hundred yards from the Hatchery Creek Trailhead, which accesses a 9-mile singletrack trail.

The Bike Park, while small, includes a pump track, a singletrack climbing trail and two descending lines: a jump line and a flow line.  These features are located to the west (left) of the Hatchery Creek picnic pavilion just the other side of the ski trail.

In addition, the bike park also includes a skills area designed to accommodate beginner, intermediate and more advanced riders.  Features include: rock gardens, skinnies, drops, benchcut singletrack, teeter-totters, log lifts/ride-overs, and ladder bridges. The skills area is due north of the picnic pavilion and can be accessed via the ski trail adjacent to the pump track or from the other direction via the old stone bridge.

Check it out! It’s a great place to hone your skills, warm up before heading out on the singletrack, or just have some fun.