CAMBA’s sponsorship program is evolving

While we wish we could offer our sponsors and supporters millions of eyeballs and billions in return on investment, we are a bit more pragmatic. CAMBA’s product, the trail system, is unique, as is its location. Along with the varied and mobile audience we serve, this makes for a sponsorship system that demands creativity and accountability.

What we can offer is this: The opportunity to be seen by a very specific, highly desirable target market by meshing with their lifestyle, rather than intruding upon it.

And perhaps more importantly, a way to speak with people. Not at them. People are tired of being sold stuff. They can see an ad a mile away and are highly efficient at turning off and tuning out before it ever has any impact on them.

Sponsorship, when it works best, is a proactive chance to create a two-way dialogue with people who can support your business in return. To be seen as a kindred spirit who allows them to enjoy the things they do. To be seen as yet another critical piece of the CAMBA community.

General Sponsorship Opportunities

Event Sponsorship Opportunities