The Chequamegon Area is heavily forested and sparsely populated.  Throughout the region a network of well-maintained gravel roads links numerous small communities and provides connections between county and state highways.  Among these roads is a system of numbered Forest Roads in the National Forest. Many of these roads are town roads and maintained by the respective townships.  In as much as these roads comprise much of the local transportation grid, they see regular maintenance and are usually in very good condition.

Deep forests, wildlife viewing areas, spectacular natural attractions, and numerous lakes and streams are to be found along the way. Because they do interconnect small communities and link between other roads, they do see traffic, but depending on the route, it is generally quite light.

The gravel riding scene in the Chequamegon is rapidly growing as visitors discover this alternative to paved roads and the different experience it engenders. Route finding is relatively easy thanks to a couple excellent resources.  The CAMBA Gravel Map highlights many popular gravel routes in the CAMBA region.

In many areas cell phone coverage is limited.  You may or may not be able to rely on a cell phone based GPS app.

NOTE: Many of the recommended routes, particularly those east of Drummond and north of Namakagon were seriously affected by the major floods that hit the area in 2016. Some of the routes may be temporarily closed or are currently under construction, but will eventually be repaired and reopened to the public. Please refer to the U.S.F.S. website for complete updates. Riders to should check first to be sure that a selected route is fully open.


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The CAMBA Gravel Map features hundreds of recommended gravel riding routes throughout the Chequamegon Area.  clusters of suggested routes start from the following communities, from south to north: Hayward/Seeley, Moose Lake Area, Cable, Namakagon, Drummond, Delta, and Washburn.

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