Will Krift

Will is CAMBA’s trail crew leader. “Building trails is awesome. I work in the woods everyday with my friends. We are living the dream.” Will has worked on CAMBA Trail Crew for six years and has also recently started his own trail building company, Trails Anonymous.
Favorite Tool: Mini Excavator or my crew.

Brady McLusky (Trail Name: Sasquatch)

Not only is Brady an awesome member of CAMBA trail crew and a heck of a nice guy, he’s the best trout fisherman in the Northwoods and embodiment of interdimensional Sasquatch. Our own CAMBA Sasquatch has worked on the CAMBA Trail Crew for five years.
Favorite Tool: “I pick the pick.”

Derek Boe (Trail Name: Deeboe)

Derek is a recent UMD graduate in Outdoor Recreation. He also is the founder and winner of King of the Trail 2018. An extremely hard worker, Derek is usually the first to show up and the first to break a sweat, and is known for his spontaneous and insightful quotes, such as“No shirt, all dirt!” or “I will die hard for you like a battery.” Derek has worked on CAMBA Trail Crew for six years.
Favorite Tool: Flat shovel for slap packing or any tool that is unbreakable.