We all want to be outside! But where can we go? The rights of bikers and walkers on groomed trails depends upon whether the trail is on public property or private property.  CAMBA is launching an effort to foster a better understanding of this topic, encourage trail courtesy, and suggest alternative trails for walking.


Trails on Private Property

The Hospital Gateway Trails are on private property where the property owner has decided that no walking of any kind is allowed on groomed bike and ski trails in the winter. 


Trails on Public Property

Most of CAMBA’s other winter trails are located in the county forest. We cannot restrict walking anywhere in the county forest.  The most we can do is to ask walkers to be respectful and use snowshoes or to at least walk on the edge of the trail. 


Be Nice. 

We need to be respectful when we encounter walkers on our groomed trails and ask them to respect other users. Many trail walkers don’t understand that they might be having an adverse impact on other users’ enjoyment of the trail. They don’t know that it is better to use snowshoes or walk on the edge of the trail instead of down the center. They might not know of alternative walking trails.


Alternative Trails for Walking

A number of alternatives exist for walkers as outlined below.  We will be updating our website, and identifying other communication channels to reach this audience and support their enjoyment of the trails.


In Hayward

  • Hospital Road Trailhead snowshoe trail 
  • Sherman and Ruth Weiss Memorial Library walking trail, (now groomed by CAMBA)
  • Town of Hayward Recreational Forest

In Cable

  • Cable Community Center 
  • North End Trailhead

Thank you for supporting the Trail Courtesy initiative!