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Starting Point: Delta Diner on County Hwy H

DL1 – 17 miles with 764 feet of climbing. Relatively easy route
with rolling hills, gradual climbs and short portions on quiet pavement.

DL2 – (Minglewood Route) – 25 miles with 754 feet of climbing.
Relatively easy route with gradual climbs and portions on quiet
pavement. Beautiful views of several area lakes as you circle the
White River Fishery Area and finish on a longer section of quiet
paved road (Delta Drummond Road).

DL3 (Ramble on Road Route) – 31 mile loop with opportunities
to shorten. Moderate, wooded, scenic ride over rolling hills with
access to the Rainbow Lakes Wilderness. The route follows
gravel forest roads and two low traffic paved segments on Scenic
Drive and County N. Mountain bikes and gravel bikes are
recommended for this route, however park at the CAMBA “Tall
Pines” trailhead keep an eye out for some sandy spots on

FR228. You can park at the CAMBA trailhead on FR229 (Beck
Road) for a shorter loop of 18 miles. For an extra activity, take a
hike into the Rainbow Lake Wilderness Area east of the route on
FR 228, look for the Anderson Grade Trailhead. Bikes are not
allowed in the wilderness area.

DL4 – 48 miles with 1,341 feet of climbing. Primarily gravel with
short sections of quiet pavement. Most of the loop has gradual
climbs. In addition to the White River Fishery Area, check out the
former Pigeon Lake CCC camp.

DL5 – (Shakedown Route) 12 mile loop. Easy to moderate wooded,
scenic ride over rolling hills with access to lakes for picnicking and
a State Natural Area. Gravel and sand/dirt forest roads. Mountain
bikes and fat tire bikes are recommended, although gravel bikes
will work on most of the ride. FR 395, FR231, FR213 can get very
sandy. Snowmobile/ATV trail parallels FR 395 on the east side and
crosses FR 395 just north of FR 400. If you accidentally get on the
trail you will quickly find that a fat bike is preferable due the very
sandy trail bed.

Points of Interest: Camp Nine Pine Lake on FR 395 and a hike into
the Camp Nine Pines State Natural Area.

DL6 – (Sunshine and Daydream Routes) 4.8 mile or 6 mile loops.
Beginner, wooded, scenic ride with small hills. FR 229 is the only
graveled road on this route; the rest are hard packed dirt/sand with
some roots poking through. Mountain bikes and fat bikes will do
well on either routes. Gravel bikes will work, but during dry spells
there may be pockets of loose sand. Sunshine, a 4.8 mile loop is a
great route for beginners of all ages. To stay on “Sunshine Route”
bike northwest on FR 400A. The Sunshine and Daydream routes
together comprise a fun 6 mile loop ride for all skill levels. Continue
to bike south west (FR 398) at the intersections with FR 400A to
follow the Daydream Route.

While in the area, be sure to stop in at the Delta Diner for a meal or
snack. You will not be disappointed.