Meet the CAMBA Staff


Bert Jackson, Executive Director

Eric Kaira, Community Engagement Manager

Kevin Reker, Administrative Manager

Lila Insook, Communications Manager

Mike Gibbs, Marketing Guy

Rhonda DeBough, Volunteer Coordinator

Ron Bergin, Executive Director Emeritus & Trail Chief

TJ Barnes, Trail Chief

The Role of the CAMBA Board of Directors

The CAMBA Board of Directors is a governing board and as such requires experience in the following expertise in its board members.

  • Corporate Governance (Legal, Insurance, HR, Operations)
  • Financial Control (Accounting, Banking, Finance, Negotiation, Procurement)
  • Diversity & Inclusion (Community, Networking, Connections)

Learn more about our Board Criteria and how to become involved with the CAMBA Board.

Meet the CAMBA Board of Directors


Dr. Pat Warpinski, President

first term, 2023-2025

Sara Hudson, Vice President

second term, 2023-2025

John Schneider, Treasurer

appointed to fill open seat, 2023-2024

Laurie Woodbury, Secretary

first term, 2023-2025

David Whitaker, Director

first term, 2024-2026

Devon Dannen, Director

elected to fill open seat, 2024-2025

Eric Roggeman, Director

first term, 2024-2026

Jim Nancekivell, Director

first term, 2024-2026

Ken Raiche, Director

first term, 2022-2024

Ray Konyn, Director

first term, 2024-2026

Ryan Sportel, Director

elected to fill open seat, 2024-2024

Scott McKinney, Director

appointed to fill open seat, 2023-2025

Suzann Mouw, Director

second term, 2022-2024

CAMBA Board Committees


Dr. Pat Warpinski, Chair


John Schneider, Co-Chair & Eric Roggeman, Co-Chair


Ryan Sportel, Chair