Meet the CAMBA Staff and Board of Directors


  • OPEN, Executive Director
  • Ron Bergin, Executive Director Emeritus


  • Tim Louis, President
  • OPEN, Vice President
  • Laurie Woodbury, Treasurer
  • Suzann Mouw, Secretary
  • Luke Bierl, Director
  • Mark Borman, Director
  • Sara Hudson, Director
  • Ken Raiche, Director
  • Tom Sermershiem, Director
  • Ryan Sportel, Director
  • Jenny Swift, Director

Executive Committee

  • Tim Louis, Chair

Budget Committee

  • Laurie Woodbury, Chair

Trails Committee

  • Ryan Sportel, Chair

Winter Biking Committee

  • Jerry Wright, Chair

Marketing Committee

  • Suzann Mouw, Chair

Fundraising Committee

  • Mark Borman, Chair
  • OPEN, Membership Coordinator

Programming & Events Committee

  • Sara Hudson, Chair

Meet the CAMBA Trail Crew

Will is the trail crew leader. Nuff’ said. Will has worked on CAMBA Trail Crew for five years. Favorite Tool: Mini Excavator or my crew.

Brady is the best trout fisherman in the Northwoods and embodiment of interdimensional Sasquatch. Sasquatch has worked on CAMBA Trail Crew for three years. Favorite Tool: “I pick the pick.”

Derek is a recent UMD graduate in Outdoor Recreation. He also is the founder and winner of King of the Trail 2018. “No shirt, all dirt!” Derek has worked on CAMBA Trail Crew for four years.  Favorite Tool: Flat shovel for slap packing or any tool that is unbreakable.


Andrew is our final trail crew member. More details and a hard working pic coming soon!