The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association is excited to announce that Phase Two of the CAMBA-Hayward Area Memorial Hospital Gateway Trail project has been completed.  This year’s work added another two miles to the trail, bringing the total distance to 3.5 miles.  The new trail continues the meandering, flowing character of the initial segment of trail and explores several extremely scenic areas.

The Gateway Trail is funded in part by Hayward Area Memorial Hospital. “CAMBA has thoroughly enjoyed its partnership with HAMH,” says CAMBA executive director, Ron Bergin.  “It has truly been a win-win relationship.” Brad Zeller, Vice President Administration adds, “The addition of the CAMBA Gateway trail has been extremely popular and used by many on a daily basis, fulfilling the need for an entry level trail close to town. The design of the trail, rolling hills, twists and turns prove fun for all ages. We appreciate the partnership with CAMBA, and the opportunity to provide options for wellness activities for all to enjoy.”

Another local organization, Sawyer County Outdoor Projects & Education (SCOPE), has also provided significant funding for the project.  In addition, the trail initiative has received funding from Enbridge Energy, the Wisconsin Sports Development Foundation, and numerous local businesses and individuals. CAMBA extends a warm thank you to all supporters of the Gateway Trail project.

The reception to the new trail has been universally enthusiastic and overwhelmingly positive. Chris Young of New Moon bike shop shared his observations about the new trail. “On any given day, you may see a three-year-old out there on a balance bike, a pair of 70-somethings cruising along, and just about anyone in-between. The CAMBA – Hospital trail has begun the transformation of the Hayward/Cable CAMBA trails into a broad-spectrum trail resource accessible to all abilities – that anyone can enjoy.”

Much of the credit the work on the Hospital Gateway Trail goes to long-time CAMBA volunteer and former board member, Steve Morales, who has worked tirelessly to lay out the trail and supervise construction.  CAMBA is extremely grateful for Steve’s dedication, passion and vision for the Gateway Trail project.  Morales elaborates on the this year’s work, “Phase two of CAMBA’s project shows off the grandest scenery on the Hospital property. It also adds a choice for taller hills than the phase one offered. This summer we built four shorter loops, stacking them onto phase one.  Riders can select any or all of them, adding about 1/2 mile per loop. The Creek, The Marsh, The Pines and Four Cubs Loops are all named after their natural features.  Wide, smooth and flowing, the new loops retain the entry level character we are building here for the community.”

The third and final phase of the project will get underway in the spring of 2019 with a goal of another two to two and a half miles of trail.  The total cost for Phase Three is expected to be approximately $27,000. “We hope local businesses, organizations or individuals can get behind this project and help CAMBA bring it to a successful completion” says Bergin.  Anyone wishing to make a donation to help support this exciting project may do so at by clicking the “Support” button.