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Cowboy and Seeley Dave finally had a chance to get out and record a little trail conditions report. After the start of the Hungry Bear, they headed over to the Camp 38 Trailhead to dip into 38 Special and the Gravity Cavity. The small parking lot at the trailhead was already full, with overflow out on Telemark Rd.

We ran into quite a few riders, some of whom recognized Cowboy and stopped to give him a pat and say hello. We stopped to give Cowboy a rest and take some photos of people sessioning the Gravity Cavity and 38 Special. While we were sitting off-trail I noticed some delicate white violets. The trees are just starting to get buds, so the sightlines in the woods are still very good and the ephemeral spring flowers are out if you can slow down enough to keep an eye on the forest floor along the trails.

All the CAMBA trails are in great condition. The trail tread is very dry and between the volunteer workday we had a couple of weeks ago and trail stewards and our paid Trail Crew, most trails have had the deadfall cleared, leaves blown off, and bigger sticks picked up. Thanks to all those who showed up for the spring workday despite such cold, wet weather.

For those of you who missed the video of Cowboy and Dave shared yesterday on Facebook, we have included it below. No GoPro footage this time, but we will get that going for the next hyperborean trail report.