How?  Through your membership and financial support!


Because Trails Don’t Build Themselves…
Trails may magically appear on the landscape, sometimes seemingly overnight. But before you make your first tracks on that fresh new strip of buff singletrack, a lot of time and money have been invested.

Basic contemporary bike trails cost anywhere from $12,000 to $16,000 per mile to construct and more elaborate flow, jump line and downhill trails can run up to $25,000 to $30,000 per mile. It is becoming ever more expensive to develop sustainable, fun-riding trails.

Over the past two years, CAMBA has spent $160,000 to build new trails across the CAMBA system.

Because Trails Don’t Maintain Themselves…
CAMBA has approximately 135 miles of singletrack trails and another 100 miles of two-track and other designated off-road bike routes.  All of these trails require regular maintenance if we are to insure sustainability and safety and preserve satisfying riding experiences.In 2018 CAMBA spent $64,000 to maintain our trails.


Because Trail Organizations don’t get by on goodwill and accolades…
While we are motivated by and love to get the proverbial pat on the back, we are an ambitious organization that has significant financial needs.In 2018 CAMBA spent $100,000 on operations and programs – marketing, events, fund raising, insurance, staff, maps, merchandise, membership and all expenses similar to that of running a small business. We operate on a lean budget and there are no frills.


Without membership and financial support from the mountain bike community, continuing to build and maintain trails and support our operations on this scale is unsustainable.

Please join CAMBA today and become a part of our great trail organization and help us thrive!

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