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Cable Seeley Hayward Cluster Map


Cable-Seeley-Hayward Cluster Map is a detailed navigational map of the north-south singletrack trail network. It includes detailed information on each trail within the Cable, Seeley and Hayward trail clusters. It includes the following individual singletrack trails: Objibwe, Telemark Traverse, Esker, Dirt Candy, FlowMama, Seeley Pass, Makwa. Additional designated double track bike routes are included.

CAMBA Gravel Map


The CAMBA Gravel Map provides recommended gravel riding routes in Bayfield and Northern Sawyer Counties. These counties include gravel routes in the Chequamegon National Forest.

CAMBA MTB Trails Large Display Map


This large display map is 51″ wide x 44″ high and features CAMBA’s entire 130 miles of singletrack trail.  Once framed, it’s spectacular on a wall at your home, cabin, office or any space.  It also makes a great gift.

Mt. Ashwabay Cluster Map


The Mt. Ashwabay Cluster Map is a detailed navigation map of CAMBA’s northern most trail cluster located between Washburn and Bayfield, Wisconsin. This is a don’t-miss cluster with numerous trails such as Diesel Bear, Dirt Lip, Hot Saw, Trogdor, Hooten Hollow, Bean Me Up, Lady Slipper and the latest addition, Tsuga Daddy.

Namakagon Cluster Map


The Namakagon Cluster Map is a detailed navigation map of the east-west singletrack trails from Cable east to the Town of Namakagon. It includes the following trails: Esker, Danky Dank, Treasures’ Trace, Rock Lake, Glacier and the Namakagon Cluster.

Trail Map Set


The complete Trail Map Set includes five maps. The Trail Guide provides an introduction to the CAMBA system and includes a cluster map which shows all trail clusters in the CAMBA trail system.

The set includes four detailed navigational maps: Cable-Seeley-Hayward Cluster Map (the north-south singletrack trail network), the Namakagon Cluster Map (east-west singletrack trail network from Cable east to the Town of Namakagon), the Mt. Ashwabay Cluster Map, and the Gravel Map.